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ABILENE™Evipo 027A

Delightful pink flower with contrasting yellow anthers. As clematis Abilene’s flowers mature and fade, a central deep pink stripe becomes more prominent. Abilene can be grown as a patio pot as it grows to a height of 4 feet. Can also be grown in partial shade! Blooms June and August. Pruning type 2 or 3.


This herbaceous, non-clinging clematis has bell-like flowers which are 1.5″ in size. Flowers vary from light blue to deep blue. Blooms July-September. Pruning type 3.


A very vigorous and free flowering clematis. The 1.5″ flowers are white and somewhat fragrant. Blooms July-September. Pruning type 3.


Masses of pink-purple bell shaped blooms nodding above foliage. Zone 5. Blooms June and July. Pruning type 1.

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