Weekly Specials 5/22 – 5/27/18:


Clematis $2 off our regular low price of $18.99.  Choose from over 100 varieties.

Potting Mix just $8.88 for 1.5 cu ft bag. Sunshine potting mix great for containers.  Reg. $9.99.

Spikes, Sprengeri & Vinca Vine just $1.99 each.  These are great for Memorial Pots.  Reg. $3.29 each.

Hibiscus $2 off.  Beautiful 7″ potted Hibiscus ready to be planted in pots or the garden.

Dahlias just $6.99 each.  These are large 6.5″ pots in bud and bloom.  Great for planting in your garden.

New Guinea Impatiens just $3.99 each.  Regular price $4.49.  Great for a shady area!

Perennials just $4.99 for 4.5″ sq pot.  These will bloom year after year.  So many varieties to choose from!

Perennials in #1 purple pot just $7.99 each. Great selection of large perennial plants.

Garden Mums just $1.29 each.  Great selection! 3.5″ pot regular price $2.99.  Add a Riot of Fall Color!

Rose Bushes $3 off.  Includes Tea, Shrub, Climbing, Floribunda, David Austin and much more! Regular $26.99 and $29.99 each.

Wave & Supertunias just $3.49 each.  Regular price $4.29 each. Includes Potunias, Supertunia, Waves, Sweetunias, and much more.

Tomato, Pepper, Eggplant & Tomatillo plants just $1.79 for 4″ pot.  Regular Price $1.99 each.  Great Selection!


Donahue’s Pro Gardening Tip!!

We are often asked how do we get and keep our plants beautiful and blooming all summer.  We tell everyone that fertilizing regularly (every 10-14 days) is really the key!   If you think about the plant and all of the nutrients are in the soil.  Every time you water you wash some of those nutrients out and if you don’t replace it, the plant will turn light green and your flowers will get smaller and stop blooming all together.  You can fertilize with a water soluble, Miracle Gro or a slow release granular, Osmocote.  Follow the instructions on the package and you will have beautiful pots, window boxes, ground plantings all summer.

We also recommend using ‘Miracle Gro Miracid’ on Supertunias and Superbells in containers and baskets.  These plants tend to have the foliage turn light green due to an increase in the pH of the soil.  Miracid has twice as much chelated iron as regular Miracle Gro and it lowers the pH of the soil allowing the plant to take up the nutrients in the fertilizer.  This fertilizer helps to keep lush green foliage and large blooms all summer.  With Supertunias and Superbells don’t wait to see if they will need Miracid just use it knowing its what is best for the plant!

Look for this container to use on Superbells and Supertunias!