Wholesale Plant Sizes 

Wholesale customers can order three different sizes of plants.

2.5″ Liner
2.5 Clematis
Our 2.5” clematis liners are great for finishing in a 4” – gallon pot.
Finish time is 10 – 12 weeks depending on growing conditions
and variety. This size plant is also great to bring in during the
summer and fall and grow on for the next spring selling season.
This allows for great root growth and a very full plant.

3.5″ Liner
Our 3.5” clematis liners are about a year older plant than our
2.5”. This size works great for finishing in a one gallon – two
gallon pot. Finish time in a one gallon pot would be 6 – 8 weeks
depending on growing conditions and variety. This size can also
be brought in and sold ‘as is’ for a quick fill in or early sales.

#1 Container
#1 Pot (1)
Our #1 Containers are meant to be brought in right at the selling
season. These vines are shipped mid-March through September.
Many varieties are shipped in bud or bloom all with a brightly
colored violet pot, a lock-on trellis and large ‘Jumbo’ label. Order
early for best availability!