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An abundance of large pink flowers with a deep pink bar down the middle of each petal and yellow anthers.  This compact growing clematis is stunning grown in partial shade to keep the colors from fading.  Blooms May-June and September.  Pruning type 2

NINON Evipo052(N)

This lovely clematis produces an abundance of white flowers that are 3-4″ across with wavy-edged petals and very attractive red anthers.  It blooms from early summer to late autumn.  It is a wonderful new white addition.  Pruning type 2.

MANON Evipo054(N)

Pretty Pink flowers have six pointed petals and attractive red anthers that are 4″ in size.  Strong blooming power sets this variety apart.  This compact and free flowering clematis blooms June through August.  Grows to a height of 4 feet.  Pruning type 2 or 3.


This clematis produces rich red double, semi double and single flowers from later spring to midsummer and again in autumn.  Growing to a height of 6-7 feet, this is a great addition to the double varieties.  Pruning type 2.

CEZANNE Evipo023(N)

This very free flowering clematis has attractive, sky blue single flowers with overlapping petals and yellow anthers.  Its very vigorous growing habit and a height of 3-4′ make it well suited for growing in a container on the deck or patio.  Blooms June through August.  Pruning type 3.

ALAINA Evipo056(N)

The large 5-7″ flowers open deep creamy pink and fade as they mature which gives a range of shades of pink. The six broad petals are round and are sometimes slightly twisted, the center has contrasting yellow anthers making a very attractive flower. Grows to a height of 4-5′ making it a great choice for […]

ROSALIE Donahros (ppaf)

This stunning new clematis’ first flowers are a deep, two-toned rose color. Flowers then take on a multitude of pink shades all blooming at the same time. As the flower fades, it has a two toned lavender/pink flower. The dramatic burgundy anthers add to the beauty of this clematis. It is very free flowering and […]

Wholesale Plant Sizes

Wholesale Plant Sizes  Wholesale customers can order three different sizes of plants. 2.5″ Liner Our 2.5” clematis liners are great for finishing in a 4” – gallon pot. Finish time is 10 – 12 weeks depending on growing conditions and variety. This size plant is also great to bring in during the summer and fall and […]

Mail Order Plant Description

Mail Order Plant Description We ship a two year clematis that is potted and growing in a 3.5” pot. These plants have been pruned many times and are nice full plants. All clematis will be growing, as we do not ship a dormant plant or root. The clematis are ready to be planted in your […]

Wholesale Order/Availability

Donahues Wholesale Order/Availability Ordering from Donahue’s can be done through one of the many brokers who sell our clematis or contact us directly. Contact us by phone: (507)-334-8404, fax: (507)-334-0485, or email: with any ordering questions. Be sure to check out our most current availability. During busy times of the year product availability may change several times a week. Download 2019 Clematis […]

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