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Mail Order Plant Description We ship a two year clematis that is potted and growing in a 3.5” pot. These plants have been pruned many times and are nice full plants. All clematis will be growing, as we do not ship a dormant plant or root. The clematis are ready to be planted in your […]

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Donahues Wholesale Order/Availability Ordering from Donahue’s can be done through one of the many brokers who sell our clematis or contact us directly. Contact us by phone: (507)-334-8404, fax: (507)-334-0485, or email: with any ordering questions. Be sure to check out our most current availability. During busy times of the year product availability may change several times a week. Download Donahues Clematis […]

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About Us:  Donahue’s Greenhouse is a family owned business run by first generation owner Lois Donahue, seven of her children, a son-in-law, grandson, and granddaughter working full time in the day to day operations. Many of her other grandchildren work part time or seasonally in the greenhouse, making it a true family business! Pictured front […]

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Home Gardener Planting Info The best time to plant clematis would be Spring, Summer or early Autumn in a location of 5-6 hours of sunlight. Loosen the soil to a depth of 2 feet. Mix this soil with peat and sand. Carefully set your clematis plant in the hole so the crown is 1 inch […]

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