Pruning Techniques

Pruning Techniques This group of clematis produce their flowers directly from old stems and, therefore, pruning must not be done until right after all flowering has been completed. Prune this group by removing all dead and weak stems immediately after flowering. Large established plants over 15 feet are normally not pruned, especially if they are…

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Ines Evipo059

Ines Evipo059 Clematis

This compact, free flowering clematis produces 4” flowers that are lavender-blue with ruffly edges. Its full red/grey anthers are contrasting and eye-catching. A repeat flowering clematis that blooms early to late summer and again in the fall.

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Sally Evipo077

Sally Evipo077 Clematis

A light pink clematis with a deep pink central bar. Each flower has six to seven pointed petals with light brown contrasting anthers. It flowers abundantly from June-September. Very good repeat flowering plant. Grows to 5’. Pruning type 3.

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Paulie Evipo058

Paulie Evipo058 Clematis

A compact clematis, with masses of purple flowers that have a maroon bar on each petal and pretty burgundy tipped anthers. Grows 3-5’ and blooms June-September.

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Weekly Specials

Weekly Specials Closed for the Season! Thanks for a great season. We appreciate all our great customers! We are working on Spring 2022! Hope to see you then!

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Nubia Evipo079

Nubia Evipo079 Clematis

Very free flowering clematis with stunning dark red flowers and dark red anthers. Flowers are 5″ in size. Grows to 3-5′. Blooms June-August & September.

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Edda Evipo074

Edda Evipo074 Clematis

Compact and free flowering clematis. Each flower has 6-10 sepals, giving it a semi double appearance. Flowers are purple with a darker reddish purple central bar. Blooms June-August.

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The Countess of Wessex Evipo073

The Countess of Wessex Clematis

A marvelous clematis with white and blush flowers. Free flowering compact clematis ideal for growing in a container. Grows well in a partial shady area such as a north facing location. Blooms May-June and August-September.

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Neva Evipo050

Neva Evipo050 Clematis

Produces an abundance of pink flowers, 3-4″ across with wavy-edged petals and attractive grey/red anthers. This compact plant grows to 4′ and blooms June through September. Very free flowering.

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Lady Northcliffe

Lady Northcliffe Clematis

Wedgewood blue 5″ diameter flowers with contrasting greenish yellow anthers. Raised by Jackmans in the early 1900s. A very good plant, free flowering over a long period. This compact clematis grows to a height of 6-7′ and blooms June through August.

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